Information in English

On this page you will find all the essential information about my guided tours at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten.

Why choose for a guided tour provided by Soldier Stories Margraten?

  • The soldiers are given a face
  • Moving personal stories that will stay with you
  • Guide with 10 years of experience
  • Suitable for young (10+) and old
  • By participating, you honor the fallen liberators

After the guided tour:

  • you will know the stories of about 10 to 12 American soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II
  • you will be more aware of the high price that was paid for the liberation of Europe
  • you have enriched yourself with valuable knowledge about the history of the only American war cemetery in the Netherlands

Practical information:


When will the guided tours take place?

The pre-scheduled guided tours usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays. During the local school vacations also on some weekdays. The dates and starting times can be found in the Agenda on this website. Newly planned tours are announced approximately 1-2 months in advance.


Is pre-registration required?

Pre-registration is required. This can be done until one hour before the start of the guided tour. If there are no registrations for a specific date, the tour will not take place.


How can I pre-register for a guided tour?

Pre-registrations can be made by filling in the digital registration form. This takes you approximately 1 minute.


What does participation in a guided tour cost?

Participation is free of charge. The guided tours are intended as a personal tribute to the soldiers. There is no commercial intention. My only intention is to share the important stories of service and sacrifice.


What languages are available?

In principle, the stories will be told in Dutch. Would you prefer a tour in English? Please contact me by email or give me a phone call. Then we will search for possibilities together to make an appointment. For example, we can possibly arrange that the English-language tour for your family or (small) group will start right after a planned Dutch-language tour is completed.


Are the tours also suitable for children?

Yes, children can also participate (10 years and older).


Will the tours be canceled in case of bad weather?

If a guided tour cannot take place due to very bad weather or an unforeseen reason (for example, illness of the guide), this will be announced on the day of the tour, one hour before its starting time, on this website (in the Agenda).


Wat can you expect?

During a guided tour, you will first learn more about the history of the cemetery. Then we will start with the actual walk during which the stories of approximately 10 to 12 fallen American soldiers will be told. Participants will be given the opportunity to lay a rose on the grave of each soldier we visit (or in front of his name on the Walls of the Missing).


Who is the guide?

My name is Jori Videc (1992). I’m a Dutch history teacher and guide. I started guiding groups at the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten about five years ago. Besides my teaching job and guiding groups, I’m one of the authors of the book The Faces of Margraten, they will remain forever young. The Dutch edition of this book was published in 2020. In March 2023, the English-language edition was published to bring the stories of service and sacrifice home. Over 4.000 copies of the book have been sold so far. 


I also have a Facebook page.


I hope to meet you at the cemetery to share the soldiers' stories with you during one of my guided tours.